Group Therapy to Develop Social Skills

In addition to one-on-one therapy, the Caldwell Pediatric Therapy Center in New Jersey offers a variety of group therapy options, such as self-regulation groups, handwriting groups, and social skills groups. Each group is run by highly trained therapists who specialize in working with children with special needs. Groups are formed based on interest as well as each child's individual needs, age, and ability.

Considerations Before Starting

A brief screening may be required prior to placement. Applicants must demonstrate the prerequisite skills needed to participate in group therapy sessions. Those requisite skills include the ability to sit and attend with minimal therapist direction, the ability to follow simple directions, and the ability to communicate basic wants and needs.

Occupational Therapy Based Social Skills Group
Play is an important component of development that allows children to learn, interact, socialize, and apply skills. Busy schedules, family responsibilities, and difficulty with learning and participating can often impede a child's ability to socialize and play with peers. Our play groups are designed for children who have difficulty socializing and engaging in play primarily due to learning difficulties, sensory processing deficiencies, and deficits in motor/play skills. This group is appropriate for children ages three through ten.

Self Regulation Group
Self-regulation is the ability to achieve, maintain, and modify one's own level of arousal to meet the demands of a situation. Self-regulation can be affected by many factors. A child with poor self-regulation can have significant difficulty learning and socializing. In these groups, children learn how to recognize arousal levels and to use appropriate activities to modify their arousal level to improve organization, attention, and interaction. Activities and strategies are also reviewed with families for carry over at home. Children with self-regulation difficulties can present with:

• Impulsivity
• High Activity Level/Difficulty Sitting
• Low Frustration Tolerance &
   Difficulty Calming When Upset
• Fluctuating Activity Level
• Low Activity Level/under Responsive
• Difficulty Tolerating Transitions &
   Changes in Routine
Group of Happy Teenagers
Handwriting Groups

Handwriting is an important component of daily life with which many children experience difficulty. Handwriting groups are offered to provide small group instruction to help refine writing skills for children who are already writing. Groups are now forming for both print and cursive, based on a child's ability and age. Appropriate components of several writing programs will be utilized. Groups will target the following areas based on a child's needs:

• Postural Ability
• Manual Dexterity
• Letter Formation
• Strength & Endurance
• Spacing
• Regard for Line

• Eye-Hand Coordination
• Tactile/Kinesthetic Awareness


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