One-on-One Therapy & Comprehensive Evaluations

The Caldwell Pediatric Therapy Center in New Jersey offers individual therapy sessions to children with a wide range of developmental, motor, and language skills. Our expertly trained, highly experienced staff of occupational, physical and speech therapists is available to work with your child in multiple pediatric settings, including public schools, private schools, private homes, or in our fully equipped 3,700 square-foot clinic. Our team approach allows us to combine the knowledge and creativity of therapists from varying disciplines to meet each child's specific therapy needs. 

A Network of Care

In addition to working closely with you and your child, we also work closely with your child's school and physicians to ensure that all of his or her needs are being met. Our aim is to provide a cohesive support network for your child to maximize the gains from individual therapy sessions.

Occupational Therapy, Evaluation, and Treatment for:

• Graphomotor Skills
• Sensory Integration Dysfunction / Dyspraxia
   (Motor Planning Dysfunction)
• Fine Motor/Developmental Delay
• Visual Motor/Visual Perceptual Skills
Physical Therapy, Evaluation, and Treatment for:
• Gait Dysfunction
• Dyspraxia (Motor Planning Dysfunction)
• Torticollis & other Orthopedic conditions
• Postural Instability/Impaired Balance
• Sensory Integration Dysfunction
• Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Gross Motor/Developmental Delay

Collaborating with NJ All People Equal 
We are pleased to announce the start of two new programs, in collaboration with NJ All People Equal. Weekend Warriors and In Play. Weekend Warriors is a unique program that pairs strength and conditioning with the best of yoga for a challenging and fun way to stay fit. In Play is a weekly inclusive movement program where the whole family can get involved.

The Caldwell Pediatric Therapy Center staffs a diverse group of occupational therapists, physical therapists,
and speech therapists. Contact us in  West Caldwell, New Jersey, at (973) 575-3321 to book an appointment.